PixelMaestro is a user-friendly library for controlling RGB LEDs on platforms like Arduino. You can create dynamic, colorful animations and patterns on nearly any kind of LED hardware on any device. PixelMaestro aims to be fast, simple, and highly customizable.

Install using the Arduino IDE, PlatformIO, or from source

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  • True (24-bit) color depth
  • Manage up to 256 independent drawing surfaces, each with an unlimited number of layers
  • Over 10 uniquely customizable animations with support for different orientations, speeds, and color palettes
  • Powerful raster graphics editing tools with support for animated bitmap images
  • Intuitive scheduling system for creating time-based animations and transitions
  • Lightweight communications protocol for controlling devices over USB, WiFi, or Bluetooth
  • Microcontroller friendly: Use with your Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ESP32, or other device